Slider down vs. Slider off


On one of my recent slider down jumps I had a 180 and encountered an issue with the slider that I never really thought about or realized before – grabbing the slider together with a backriser. Here’s just a brief … Continue reading

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Cutaway Handles


3 ring systems on base rigs are rarely used under load, I suppose for the majority of jumpers, me included, it’s mostly used for switching canopies and the occasional planned water landing, where in both cases theres barely any tension … Continue reading

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Harness construction


Recently two manufacturers published service bulletins as reaction to damaged harnesses found in the field (links at the bottom of the page). There has been a lot of fuzz about this on facebook and the forum, so for those that … Continue reading

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GoPro anti-snag mounts


If you don’t know why an anti-snag mount is a good idea for BASE or skydiving, read this post first. Here some links where you can buy anti-snag mounts Cookie Fuel roller mount luron01’s mount Hegan mounts Homemade anti-snag mounts … Continue reading

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This has been bothering me for quite some time so finally I come around writing something on this. In the past 4 years we had 2 confirmed GoPro fatalities (BFL #158 and BFL #206). What troubles me the most with … Continue reading

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With a properly manufactured, maintained, and correctly assembeld 3 ring there is practically no chance of an unintentional cutaway. The obvious reasons for such an unintentional cutaway would be a getting the release handle snagged on something, a broken loop … Continue reading

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Pin orientation


A more detailed view on the happy/sad pin orientation that I briefly mentioned in the pin-locks post. Thanks to Todd from Apex for pointing this out to me. Since I had a hard time wrapping my head around the whole … Continue reading

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Weather sucks so I found some time to through all the footage that I got from 2013 and put together a small video. Thanks a lot to everyone that jumped and traveled with me last year, to everyone that contributed … Continue reading

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Pin locks in detail

When flat and stable the bridle will pull in "normal" direction.

Since there was way more feedback on my last video than I expected I want to go a little bit more into detail. The described scenarios and pull orientations will most likely not happen in a slider up/ terminal environment, … Continue reading

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Pretty much every rig design out there has some issues that at certain pull directions the pull force increases. This ranges from a little additional force that has to be applied to pop the pin, up to that the pin … Continue reading

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Depending on where and what you jump you will end up in a tree eventually. I think there are very few jumpers that have more than a few hundred jumps and didn’t land in a tree at least once. Landing … Continue reading

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I didn’t only do tracking jumps in 2012, so here’s all the other fun stuff! (with small bits of footage that was left from winter 11/12) Music: “Addicted to freedom” and “Make it right” by Aintuse Edited with … Continue reading

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Tracking 2012


Some jumps with my tube 3 I’ve done in 2012, nothing groundbreaking, but fun big times! Music: “100 Reasons” by Father And Gun facebook thanks to Rise or Rust Records Edit and effects done solely with open … Continue reading

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I like PCA’s


Throwing newbies off the bridge and having fun on low stuff. Thanks to Aintuse for letting me use their song. Music: “First song” by Aintuse check out their Facebook page.

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Vents, close up


I borrowed one of those tiny HD cameras to play around with. It seems like there is just no image stabilization at all built into that small thing, so the videos are pretty much unwatchable, but a few stills are … Continue reading

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960 RPM

960rpm GoPro’s can take quite a beating…

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Kemaliye Cable Boogie 2012


Short video off an absolutely epic trip to Kemaliye (Turkey) in June 2012. Thanks to all the jumpers, organizers and everyone else I met there, it was awesome! I hope to come back next year! Music: “corona” by minutemen … Continue reading

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Visiting Austria


Due to recent events I found it necessary to put up some general information about jumping in Austria, I added a new page that can be found here and in the top navigation bar. Please repost, retweet, or link to … Continue reading

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Brake line release toggles


I recommend the use of release toggles for slider up jumps, Adrenalin and Apex are selling mature release toggle systems, both work fine and risk of a premature is low to nil, with the Adrenalin version being my personal favorite. … Continue reading

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Rigging up for handheld and thy bridle


I know, this maybe seems like a no-brainer for some of you, but over the time I have seen so many jumpers handle their gear in very awkward ways when rigging up for a handheld or staticline jump ending up … Continue reading

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Ultra low freefall


Before hucking yourself off something really low, there are a few things you should know, most of them are described in the two PDF’s below, read them! Knowledge is one thing, the required skills another, so I cannot stress this … Continue reading

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Fall 2011


After fucking up my knee I’m grounded, so I had time to do some video editing. Here’s all the fun stuff from fall 2011 that I didn’t already post (here or here), October till December compressed in roughly 2 minutes … Continue reading

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Low speed deployments


Quite a while ago I found this video on the apex site, and liked the idea to see how different canopies pressurize during low speed openings. So here is what i got, all canopies loaded with approximately 86kg (jumper weight … Continue reading

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CWY Staticline


This is the CWY staticline system I use. I don’t have a clue who invented it in the first place, but discussions about it on date back quit a while, so its rather old and a lot of people … Continue reading

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Staticline jumps


After seeing some funky, and a few quite dangerous constructions I just want to add my 2 cents… This is not a guide on how to do staticline jumps, go find someone that shows you how to do it the … Continue reading

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PC hesitations


This is about PC hesitations on short delays when going stowed. The problem with PC’s that have been packed in the BOC for a longer period of time should be well known, so this isn’t really what I was going … Continue reading

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I present the worlds first BASE AFF course: The course consists of only 3 levels that have to be completed by the student without killing himself and/or the instructors. Since the next big overhung terminal cliff is quite far away, … Continue reading

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Getting into wingsuit base


After quite a lot of tracking jumps, I started wingsuit base this season. Here a few things I learned: If you find yourself on an exit in a small suit, while every one around you has a X-Bird or a … Continue reading

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Slowmo fun


slowmoVideo video is the thing! Playing around with an open source project named slowmoVideo, the initial footage is taken from Gopro’s in setting 4 (1280×960 39fps). There is also a flow-editor included that can help removing artefacts from the … Continue reading

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The legality-stupidity relation


Theres something like the one-dimensional legality-stupidity relation in some peoples mind, it looks something like this: There are a few ways how this can manifest in real life, but for sure you have met people, including other skydivers and basejumpers, … Continue reading

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