PC hesitations


This is about PC hesitations on short delays when going stowed. The problem with PC’s that have been packed in the BOC for a longer period of time should be well known, so this isn’t really what I was going … Continue reading

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I present the worlds first BASE AFF course: The course consists of only 3 levels that have to be completed by the student without killing himself and/or the instructors. Since the next big overhung terminal cliff is quite far away, … Continue reading

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Getting into wingsuit base


After quite a lot of tracking jumps, I started wingsuit base this season. Here a few things I learned: If you find yourself on an exit in a small suit, while every one around you has a X-Bird or a … Continue reading

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Slowmo fun


slowmoVideo video is the thing! http://vimeo.com/32255151 Playing around with an open source project named slowmoVideo, the initial footage is taken from Gopro’s in setting 4 (1280×960 39fps). There is also a flow-editor included that can help removing artefacts from the … Continue reading

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The legality-stupidity relation


Theres something like the one-dimensional legality-stupidity relation in some peoples mind, it looks something like this: There are a few ways how this can manifest in real life, but for sure you have met people, including other skydivers and basejumpers, … Continue reading

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Pilot chute pull forces


The question “Does a static line jump put more or less stress on your canopy (bridle attachment point) than a free fall jump” has been floating around on the forums for years, and from time to time another experiment (like … Continue reading

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expired yoghurt teaser


Autumn is on it’s way, so I’m starting to put the footage of this year together to a small video, should be finished within a few rainy weekends, so here’s a short teaser. http://vimeo.com/29873221 Some well known objects, lots of … Continue reading

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Update on Strike ‘n’ Go


Update to this post. I got the PC that was used for this jump, I double checked it and it looks fine. Its a 42″ ZP, vented with a piece of PVC pipe as handle. Every panel stretching evenly with … Continue reading

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Center cell stripping


http://www.vimeo.com/29396829 The center cell is stripped out of the packjob so fast that it is pulling lines from the tailpocket, leading to a linedump and a very hard opening. Pilotchute was a 36″ AV ZP,  which I would say is … Continue reading

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Strike ‘n’ Go


Similar to a touch ‘n’ go but a lot harder and against a vertical wall… http://vimeo.com/29058707 The jumper walked away from this strike with a bruised knee and a broken GoPro mainly because he : had good kneepads, had a … Continue reading

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Offheading fun


http://vimeo.com/28703835 Bring a set of spare clothes when jumping over water. (even if theres just a little of it) Take care when routing your brake lines. When using toggles for heading correction don’t miss them. Choose your exit point careful … Continue reading

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Using direct control as a tailgate


A simple and effective way to make the direct slider control also work as tailgate for slider up jumps. This isn’t my idea and some of you maybe have seen this before or already use this. If you don’t use … Continue reading

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Lineover clearing itself


Video of a slider up lineover clearing itself during opening. http://vimeo.com/28228649 The “snapping” movement of the left side of the opening canopy made me have a closer “frame-by-frame” look at it, and on one frame you can see that the … Continue reading

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Barren E


It was low-stuff-sunday again, so we opened this new cliff. 30min by car, 1 hour hike up, 1 hour hike down from landing after the jump. All this for a 65m wall where Edi tried to scare me by having … Continue reading

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Watch thy PC handle


After more than 400 jumps I made it to stick my finger into the PVC pipe handle on my pilot chute at pulltime. This is kind of embarassing, since this problem has been known for quit some time. I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Case of LS


Deliberately taking away safety margin, by doing unsafe and stupid shit of a sketchy object, just because it’s legal and has been jumped thousands of times before , and for that matter is considered as safe. This is the Lauterbrunnen-syndrome … Continue reading

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The Mindfeck


http://vimeo.com/27289271 A small cliff me and Edi opened this summer.

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The Death Swing and Thy Bridle


Producing base jumping footage that scares non-jumpers is quite easy, its about the footage that makes all other jumpers cringe… like this one: http://www.vimeo.com/26788405 I want to add something to this… What he did with his legs (as he says … Continue reading

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Aerials in Base by Dwain Weston


Since its not possible to locate the document using google anymore, and all links on blinc and bj.com are broken. I’m hosting the file to get it back on google. This document contains a lot of interesting and important stuff … Continue reading

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Overrotating frontflips


Overrotating aerials is always a bad idea. Doing so on a slider down frontflip is not just like a “normal” head-low deployment, since you still have some rotation momentum that works against the direction the canopy pulls you. So the … Continue reading

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Last year


Some fun stuff i put together 2010, and since I’m moving my videos from youtube over to vimeo I thought I might as well post them here too. The Infamous PCA Back Flip Wrong Way With Water Landing. I thought … Continue reading

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Frontflips and Thy Bridle


This is about slider down frontflips, me being a lucky bastard, and pull timing aswell as pull technique. http://www.vimeo.com/26883023 When doing frontflips one should pull when in sit/stand up position, otherwise one will overrotate. BUT when doing a normal pull, … Continue reading

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Bridle knot


How to make a knot in your bridle in freefall. http://vimeo.com/26740577 Thanks to the jumper for letting me use his footage. He recognized the PC hesitation and after landing he found a knot in the bridle just a bit below … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Watch Thy Bridle


The idea for the name of this blog came to me last winter when I started doing slider down front flips (… sigh …), after a few other fun stories involving stupidity and bridles, I knew my mission was to … Continue reading

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