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Aerials in Base by Dwain Weston

Since its not possible to locate the document using google anymore, and all links on blinc and are broken. I’m hosting the file to get it back on google. This document contains a lot of interesting and important stuff … Continue reading

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Overrotating frontflips

Overrotating aerials is always a bad idea. Doing so on a slider down frontflip is not just like a “normal” head-low deployment, since you still have some rotation momentum that works against the direction the canopy pulls you. So the … Continue reading

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Last year

Some fun stuff i put together 2010, and since I’m moving my videos from youtube over to vimeo I thought I might as well post them here too. The Infamous PCA Back Flip Wrong Way With Water Landing. I thought … Continue reading

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Frontflips and Thy Bridle

This is about slider down frontflips, me being a lucky bastard, and pull timing aswell as pull technique. When doing frontflips one should pull when in sit/stand up position, otherwise one will overrotate. BUT when doing a normal pull, … Continue reading

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Bridle knot

How to make a knot in your bridle in freefall. Thanks to the jumper for letting me use his footage. He recognized the PC hesitation and after landing he found a knot in the bridle just a bit below … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Watch Thy Bridle

The idea for the name of this blog came to me last winter when I started doing slider down front flips (… sigh …), after a few other fun stories involving stupidity and bridles, I knew my mission was to … Continue reading

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