Frontflips and Thy Bridle

This is about slider down frontflips, me being a lucky bastard, and pull timing aswell as pull technique.

When doing frontflips one should pull when in sit/stand up position, otherwise one will overrotate. BUT when doing a normal pull, = just throwing the PC to the side, you will have a 50/50 chance of where your bridle will be,

  • behind of your arm (good)
  • in front of your arm (not so good)

So i found out how much pull force my 42″ actually has.

Afterwards I got advise from a very experienced jumper to throw the PC not to the side, but away from you in the opposite direction of where you are looking (towards the object). This feels quit awkward for the first few practice pulls but after a few hundred its going to be fine…

This is what works best for me – Frontflip checklist:

  • Pull when in sit/stand up.
  • Throw the PC away from you in the opposite direction of where you are looking.
  • Bring pull hand back quick.
  • After pulling make yourself long to slow the rotation.
  • Put your arms straight up. (If you snagged the bridle to make it slip off your arm easier.)
  • Do NEVER EVER wear body armor on your arms, watches, wristbands, or anything that has snag potential.
  • Always watch thy bridle.

Ah, yeah, and don’t overrotate, but i will show that in another post.

Btw, there is an article by Dwain Weston about aerials in base that is pretty good, but I cant find it online anymore. I think i got it on my harddisk somewhere, if I find it I will upload it.


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