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Update on Strike ‘n’ Go

Update to this post. I got the PC that was used for this jump, I double checked it and it looks fine. Its a 42″ ZP, vented with a piece of PVC pipe as handle. Every panel stretching evenly with … Continue reading

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Center cell stripping The center cell is stripped out of the packjob so fast that it is pulling lines from the tailpocket, leading to a linedump and a very hard opening. Pilotchute was a 36″ AV ZP,  which I would say is … Continue reading

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Strike ‘n’ Go

Similar to a touch ‘n’ go but a lot harder and against a vertical wall… The jumper walked away from this strike with a bruised knee and a broken GoPro mainly because he : had good kneepads, had a … Continue reading

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Offheading fun Bring a set of spare clothes when jumping over water. (even if theres just a little of it) Take care when routing your brake lines. When using toggles for heading correction don’t miss them. Choose your exit point careful … Continue reading

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Using direct control as a tailgate

A simple and effective way to make the direct slider control also work as tailgate for slider up jumps. This isn’t my idea and some of you maybe have seen this before or already use this. If you don’t use … Continue reading

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