Offheading fun

  • Bring a set of spare clothes when jumping over water. (even if theres just a little of it)
  • Take care when routing your brake lines.
  • When using toggles for heading correction don’t miss them.
  • Choose your exit point careful when jumping over obstacles.
  • Go for toggles if altitude loss during the maneuver is an issue.
  • Don’t stall out your canopy unless it is really necessary.
  • Think about what offheading procedure fits your object the best before you jump it. (especially for low/sketchy ones)

I intuitively go for risers on major offheadings, except for one occasions that worked very well for me. The downside of the riser turns is that more altitude is eaten up by this maneuver than with a properly performed toggle maneuver, however, risers are easier to grab, when line/riser twists happen risers are the only option anyways.

One thing that keeps bothering me with the toggle turns is the worst case scenario, in which one hits the object despite the evasive maneuver. When a toggle (or both) are lost on impact (eg. dropped, jumper unconscious, arm broken, shoulder dislocated, etc.), the following strikes are going to be way worse than on a canopy that is still in deep brakes.

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