The legality-stupidity relation

Theres something like the one-dimensional legality-stupidity relation in some peoples mind, it looks something like this:

There are a few ways how this can manifest in real life, but for sure you have met people, including other skydivers and basejumpers, that use this one-dimensional legality-stupidity relation as an argument, or some that even see the world in this one-dimensional way.

I state that legal = smart and illegal = stupid is incorrect because stupidity and legality are completely independent concepts and there is no direct connection between them.

If you don’t believe me, here is a step by step walk-through for a fun real-life experiment, that vitiates this one-dimensional legality-stupidity relation, and that everyone can try out at home.

A checklist of what we are going to need:

  • 2 Citrus fruits of your choice.
  • Some tissues.
  • Your neighbors garden.

Now follow the steps:

  1. Poke a hole in the fruit.
  2. Stick your right index finger in it.
  3. Pull your finger out again.
  4. If you wear glasses, take them off.
  5. Stick your right index finger in your right eye.
  6. Go to your neighbors garden.
  7. Eat the second fruit.

Its not that easy to keep your eyelid open to put your finger in your eye, but if you try hard you will succeed.

Hint: Perform this experiment at night, to make it less likely, that anyone sees you cry, or that your neighbor finds you standing in his garden eating fruits.

After completing the above described experiment you should have found out that:

  • there are some things that, although perfectly legal, are still very very stupid.
  • the second part of the experiment, although you were trespassing and therefore you were doing something illegal, was smarter than the first, legal, part of it. (Unless your neighbor sticks his finger in your eye because you were trespassing on his land)
  • you should think twice before you really perform an experiment I’m posting in the “Rants” category.

To get to the point, if you are not doing illegal stuff, which is a good choice though, does not automatically mean that all you are doing is smart, or that you are automatically smarter than someone that does something illegal (this goes out to everyone, not only basejumpers). When it comes to jumping, try to locate your plan on a smart-dumb spectrum while not accounting the legal aspects of it. If you find it way down on the dumb side, being legal will not make it any smarter, nor would it hurt less if you would fuck up.


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2 Responses to The legality-stupidity relation

  1. Ronald Overdijk says:

    Now that is a smart and legal post!

  2. Ben Simpson says:

    Hilarious and awesome ! 🙂

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