GoPro anti-snag mounts

If you don’t know why an anti-snag mount is a good idea for BASE or skydiving, read this post first.

Here some links where you can buy anti-snag mounts
Cookie Fuel roller mount
luron01’s mount
Hegan mounts

Homemade anti-snag mounts


 Some help to build your own

goprDownload a template for the PE sheet snag protector as PDF here. Print it out and then cut the shape from some plastic sheet (2mm PE-HD works best for me). Warm PE it with a lighter along the your marks and bend it around the camera. Try it out with stiff paper first to get the right location for the bends.


picture by luron01

picture by luron01

Download luron01’s 3D printable mount here (round surface) and here (flat surface), or order it via sculpteo. Please read the included README textfile, you are free to share those files, but the copyright owner (luron01) does not allow any commercial use! (Link to the original thread)


picture by Divalent

picture by Divalent

Or use some moldable plastic like InstaMorph or sugru to build some snag protection / deflector around the camera mount.

linebreakerThanks a lot to everyone that provided pictures. If you want to see your mount or snag protection added here, please send me some pictures!

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2 Responses to GoPro anti-snag mounts

  1. Jor Dan says:


    What about Contours?
    I’m currently jumping one that attaches to the side of my helmet.
    Any thoughts?


    • wtb says:

      i don’t have one of those at hand right now, but analog to the gopro’s in the gallery i suppose one way would be to put something over it (eg. lots of gaffer tape, or some piece of bent plastic sheet), another would be to fill the hollow space beneath it and build some deflector this way (with some moldable plastic for example). send me a picture if you got something!

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