I present the worlds first BASE AFF course:
The course consists of only 3 levels that have to be completed by the student without killing himself and/or the instructors. Since the next big overhung terminal cliff is quite far away, we are doing it off the next best thing, this also ensures that only worthy students will finish the course.

Level 1: Flat and stable exit with two AFF instructors.
Level 2: Sidefloater exit with one AFF instructor.
Level 3: Double gainer.

After successfully completing all 3 levels the student gets his official IWABRTISAJBOPL rating (“idiot with a base rig that is still alive just because of pure luck”). Although the course is very new, the rating is already recognized by other jumpers all over the world.

Thanks to treekicker-Tracey and stressed-Schidi for the fun jumps!

Music: “Dave” by Bodhisattva, available here.

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3 Responses to BASE AFF

  1. Ronald Overdijk says:

    Of course, safety is a prime concern with any AFF course.

  2. Bealio says:

    Where do you sign up for this?

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