Ultra low freefall

Before hucking yourself off something really low, there are a few things you should know, most of them are described in the two PDF’s below, read them! Knowledge is one thing, the required skills another, so I cannot stress this enough, work your way down, slowly decreasing exit height!

“Ultra low freefall” by Dwain Weston (PDF)
This is a snapshot from the Apex Base site (10. Feb. 2012), as it was not possible to get the original text.

“Low freefall my thoughts” by Greeny (PDF)
This was originally posted on Basejumper.org, the thread has been deleted some time ago, a snapshot of the forum post can be downloaded here (PDF).

51m (167ft) freefall


  • Troll MDV 265
  • Long cypres closing loops (oiled) and pins primed as hell.
  • 52″ ZP PC (Adrenaline Base, with support tapes on both sides)
  • Shallow break setting to get the canopy flying earlier to get a bit more flare power.
  • Head high exit, minimizing pendulum effect under opening canopy.
  • Standard 9ft bridle was used.
  • Only mesh of the PC folded in hand. (like a mushroom)
  • Throw PC upwards and forward.

Update 01.03.2012:
Here’s a video of a 50m freefall, thanks to Marek.


  • OSP 305
  • 52″ PC
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