Center cell stripping

The center cell is stripped out of the packjob so fast that it is pulling lines from the tailpocket, leading to a linedump and a very hard opening.
Pilotchute was a 36″ AV ZP,  which I would say is a reasonable choice for a tracking jump, opening  at approximately  2500m ASL with a 280 sqft canopy. It was a pretty fast track, indirect control was in place (rubber band around the fold two times).

I don’t really have anything wiseass to say to this issue, I jumped few seconds before with the exact same setup… Thanks to the jumper for letting me use his footage.

Maybe just the obvious, a too big PC for the delay can lead to all kinds of problems, out of stage deployments, center cell stripping, hard openings, damaged equipment, and other fun stuff.

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  1. alex says:

    i’m new in the base world an really love to follow this blog to learn a lot.

    what i wonder is how much low-weight-gear is prepared for openings like this?
    and could the combination of center cell stripping openings and light weight lines – as for example spectra 725 – make the chance bigger for a multiple line malfunction as happened in this fatality?:
    Jeremy Graczyk BFL #171 (

    as known manufactures of canopies with low weight lines do not recommand slider down jumps on them, but i’m sure that snatch forces expierienced like showed in the clip above will be a multiple compared to the most slider down/off jumps.

    thx for this great blog!

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