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Lineover clearing itself

Video of a slider up lineover clearing itself during opening. The “snapping” movement of the left side of the opening canopy made me have a closer “frame-by-frame” look at it, and on one frame you can see that the … Continue reading

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Barren E

It was low-stuff-sunday again, so we opened this new cliff. 30min by car, 1 hour hike up, 1 hour hike down from landing after the jump. All this for a 65m wall where Edi tried to scare me by having … Continue reading

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Watch thy PC handle

After more than 400 jumps I made it to stick my finger into the PVC pipe handle on my pilot chute at pulltime. This is kind of embarassing, since this problem has been known for quit some time. I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Case of LS

Deliberately taking away safety margin, by doing unsafe and stupid shit of a sketchy object, just because it’s legal and has been jumped thousands of times before , and for that matter is considered as safe. This is the Lauterbrunnen-syndrome … Continue reading

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The Mindfeck A small cliff me and Edi opened this summer.

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The Death Swing and Thy Bridle

Producing base jumping footage that scares non-jumpers is quite easy, its about the footage that makes all other jumpers cringe… like this one: I want to add something to this… What he did with his legs (as he says … Continue reading

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