Bridle knot

How to make a knot in your bridle in freefall.

Thanks to the jumper for letting me use his footage. He recognized the PC hesitation and after landing he found a knot in the bridle just a bit below the PC.

Conclusion is pretty straight forward, weak pulls are bad, having too little pin tension is bad too, beeing lucky is good, and having the camera turned backwards is priceless.

Seriously, this little mishap had the potential to grow to total malfunction if the knot would have been pulled tight over the PC. To avoid somthing like this from happening:

  • Throw the PC, instead of pulling out and just letting go to minimize the chance of the PC getting into the jumpers burble.
  • Do not hold on to the PC after it is pulled out of the BOC, just pull out and throw it in a single motion.
  • Maintain good pin tension.

As a side note, the fact that the pins were popped already by the bridle contributed to the whole knot thing in the first place, (by giving free more slack bridle) but also would have given him at least a chance to get the canopy out if the knot would have closed around the PC.


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