Lineover clearing itself

Video of a slider up lineover clearing itself during opening.

The “snapping” movement of the left side of the opening canopy made me have a closer “frame-by-frame” look at it, and on one frame you can see that the brake line goes over the nose at the 3rd cell from the left.

There packjob was good, the jumper in this video is very experienced and packs in a nice and proper fashion. (I would without any doubt jump a rig packed by him…)

Direct slider control not used, big mesh slider, 265 canopy, 36″ PC, pulled out of a good and fast track. No additional line control mechanism like a slidergate, masking-tape or similar was used.

I would advise anyone to use WLO toggles on slider up jumps, if you don’t already have them, you can get them here:

Thanks to the jumper for giving me permission to use the video and WBR-Media-Team for shooting it.

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2 Responses to Lineover clearing itself

  1. chris espen says:

    Do you think a Slidergate would be a big help against this?

  2. wtb says:

    any kind of tailgating mechanism *maybe* would have prevented this from happening, i use this method: Using direct control as a tailgate

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