Update on Strike ‘n’ Go

Update to this post.

I got the PC that was used for this jump, I double checked it and it looks fine. Its a 42″ ZP, vented with a piece of PVC pipe as handle. Every panel stretching evenly with the opposite one, and there is no damage on the PC. I’m planning on doing a few jumps with it and having someone video the openings to see if this problem is persistent with this PC.

But theres another thing that was pointed out by another jumper seeing the video, it’s the PC hesitation that occured on that jump. The PC stays in a streamer shape without inflating for half a second. (counted 14 frames with 30fps on the video, click on the picture for a big version)

Right when the PC fully inflates it starts carving, so maybe its one or (most likely) a few of the things below:

  • Getting some impulse from spilling air when it finally pops open.
  • Maybe it wasn’t attached to the bridle perfectly centered.
  • The PC itself tends to carving for some reason that i couldn’t see when checking it. (as said I will do a few jumps with it)
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