Case of LS

Deliberately taking away safety margin, by doing unsafe and stupid shit of a sketchy object, just because it’s legal and has been jumped thousands of times before , and for that matter is considered as safe. This is the Lauterbrunnen-syndrome

I’ve seen Jumpers doing high nose slick (or even naked) just for the fun/footage although they have a tracksuit or wingsuit, doing aerials off high ultimate, and so on.

When you think about it, it’s a bit like cutting holes in you wingsuit to get closer to stuff instead of diving. Putting yourself in a situation where you have to perform 100%, on an object that can be normally done with 80%.

And since I don’t like people that think that their ass don’t stink, here’s another video of me doing something stupid that I actually shouldn’t, also off a tall and legal object. I hope you enjoy it. (Always remember, with the wide angle everything looks further away than it actually is.)

I thought it’s a good idea to do a gainer of the waterfall and it would give an awesome video. Well, the video is kind of nice, but not in the way I intended it to.

Lessons learned:

  • Use thy brain!
  • Even on a tall and legal object that is jumped on a regular basis you don’t get away with murder.
  • Tucking in your legs because you are scared of hitting the object isn’t really helping when it comes to stopping the rotation and starting to track.

I don’t have a remedy for LS, best advice I got was “Don’t stay too long at the same object”.


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