Watch thy PC handle

After more than 400 jumps I made it to stick my finger into the PVC pipe handle on my pilot chute at pulltime. This is kind of embarassing, since this problem has been known for quit some time.

I’ve seen various work arounds for this. One was by putting a small piece of polystyrene in the pipe for which you don’t need any adhesive if you cut it to the right size. A more common method is putting some tape around the handle.

I’m going with the tape method, I think it adds less weight to the PC’s apex than the polystyrene piece (anyone out there having a accurate scale to confirm this?), and I think the damage that the adhesive can do to the PC is pretty limited.

PVC handle

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  1. chris espen says:

    I have also heard from people,that they put pu-foam in it.I am also using tape and i think it’s a easy and safe solution.

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